Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Posts Update IV

No Checks In The Mail
For some reason my mail now doesn't show up until around 5:00 pm. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my decision to pay all of my bills online (which is still going splendidly), but it is not cool.

Rabbit Stew
Toby has been saved! It looks like the folks at bored.com have stepped in and taken over savetoby.com, sparing the rabbit's life and compensating his owners for their trouble. Oh, well. No Lapin Braisé.

The Replacements
As I was driving home from work at 2:00 am in the pouring rain, the alternator in the Corsica decided to give out. The radio played only static, the lights dimmed, and the windshield wipers went into slow motion. I turned off all unnecessary systems and made it home. With a brand-spanking factory rebuilt alternator in it now, the Corsica is like new. Well, you know what I mean.

Lawn Care
Since the last update, I have found a Q-tip and a cable wrap that signifies "Verizon FIOS" fiber optic line in my yard. So that's what those five trucks have been up to for the past few weeks. Of course, FIOS is not yet available in my neighborhood. Soon, though, I'm sure that all of the old people that live near me will be willing to plunk down $50 a month for lightning fast access to the internet.

Purple Tape
The trial of Beverly Coon has been moved to September 13th because of a scheduling conflict. Apparently a key witness has a vacation coming up that has already been booked. Justice postponed for a trip to the beach! Whatever. No word yet on whether Mr. Grimm can be in the same room as a ladylock.

Stop Turning Left
Ben Roethlisberger is back in the public eye after his accident, looking pretty much like the old Big Ben. He was fined $388 for riding without a valid license and riding without a helmet. Steelers Training Camp starts at the end of this week - then we'll know if he is really back. I've heard that the Cincinnati Bengals are looking into signing a Chrysler New Yorker to play inside linebacker.

Again With The Chocolate Lasagna?
The response to my Chocolate Lasagna post has been overwhelming. People that I don't even know from all over the country have been coming forward with their own stories and showing their support. So I took my frustration to the next level and shared my comments with the Olive Garden through their website. I just got a response; Erich says that they "understand my disappointment" and "have documented [my] preference for Chocolate Lasagna for future consideration." And they're sending me a gift card so that I can try to find a new favorite.

I plan on using the gift card as soon as Chocolate Lasagna returns to the menu.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I had a little warning when the alternator on the Beretta went. But no, just totally dead, also in the rain, and AAA took almost 2 hours to arrive. At least it wasn't at 2:00am. Glad you were able to make it home!

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