Friday, May 18, 2007

Posts Update VI

It's been a while. Many things that have happened lately are updates of previous items...

No Checks In The Mail
The price of mailing a first class one ounce letter has just gone up to 41 cents. There is no better time to start paying bills online.

The Postal Service also introduced a "forever stamp" - one that costs 41 cents now but will be considered valid even after a future rate increase. I would love to test out the actual foreverness of this item. But since I have decided to stop funding the USPS, I'll have to rely on someone else to let me know if that stamp is sufficient postage in 2037.

The Replacements
I recently took the Corsica to get inspected. I got a mid-morning call from the mechanic. He said that he was finished and the car was ready to be picked up - it passed with flying colors. No replacement necessary. Roll on, powder blue Chevy.

Lawn Care
I would imagine that if you live in a house overlooking a golf course you might expect to get some hacker's stray golf ball in your yard every now and then. To be honest, I've been the guy searching near someone's deck/landscaping/sprinkler after an errant shot once or twice.

I don't live on a golf course, though - I live three streets away from a bowling alley. Which may explain why I found half a bowling ball in my side yard by the driveway. I'm not kidding. Half. Now that's an errant shot.

Kennywood's Open
Seriously, Kennywood is open daily for the 2007 season as of May 16th. Theme days begin May 27th. And yes, your zipper is down.

Again With The Chocolate Lasagna?
As of right now, there are 38 comments on the Chocolate Lasagna post. And only three of them are from people related to me. Folks I don't know from all over the country are visiting and sharing their frustration over the disappeared dessert. Also, someone from Darden Restaurants (the company that owns and operates Olive Garden) visited this post. We're getting the message across to the people in charge! Don't stop the fight! Or whatever it is we're doing!

Crazy Running Lady
In a rare and fortunate turn of events, I was able to snap a picture of the elusive Crazy Running Lady. Blouse, dress, handbag and all.

She must have come out of her winter hiding place. Or maybe she circled the entire globe and is back where she started.

Two Poles And A Mound Of Dirt
No work has been done on either pole or the mound of dirt in my front yard. The only thing different is that they have been joined by a little flag marking the underground natural gas line. Sounds like we could be in for some fun.

The Accused
Apparently my wife's chat with the police officer worked. About two weeks after being charged with parking in a restricted area, I received another piece of mail from the Magisterial District Judge. This one was a Notice of Withdrawal of Charges against me and my car. It's like nothing ever happened.

Change Of Plans
We were approved for the insurance policy despite my incident on testing day. Since there was such a clamoring for a picture after the original post, I have finally decided to upload one. Even the untrained eye can see that the sarcastic section occupies by far the largest piece of my cerebral tissue. Next is the thinking about cookies part.

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Dude, that's funny stuff. YOUR BRAIN ON LIFE INSURANCE TEST... get it??

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