Friday, November 25, 2005

Operation: Black Friday

I woke before dawn this morning. The turkey and stuffing from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast were still stirring. But I was ready. The sales were just getting underway.

I was not the mastermind of this mission. That responsibility fell to the team member with much, much more experience. I am usually still asleep for a majority of this process, but not today.

We arrived at the first location a few minutes after 0600 hours. Everything went as planned. We moved on to the next objective without hesitation, securing a prime parking spot upon arrival. You can't plan for that. It was a bonus.

We forged ahead. Soon the trunk was filled with bags and boxes, the spoils of a job well done.

I knew that I wouldn't get much of the glory for the success of this mission. I was the wheelman. The transporter of purchased merchandise. The holder of a spot in line. But it was worth the effort to see the plan unfold and just be a part of it.

We arrived back at the HQ just after noon. We ate waffles and sorted receipts. We napped. We reveled in the triumph of the morning. I think the mastermind started planning for next year.

But not me. I needed to get my rest. I did more before 9:00 am than I care to do all day.


Anonymous said...

Your wife had the best training for your mission for many years. We trained her how to sort through ads, how to stand in line in shifts, while still looking for bargains, and how to move from store to store in the most efficient manner. Glad to hear all the training was successful, and that you were a willing recruit in her army this year. It is a full day's work, before 10, usually. But the success is well worth the effort. Good job. Grandma C.

Anonymous said...

I know it is a little belated, but I wondered how you were feeling now that you are the BIG 3-0? Welcome to the club old man.

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