Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Back

Well, it's Fall. Autumn. Whatever you call it. The time of year between sun and snow in this part of the hemisphere.

There are so many things to look forward to during this season. Leaves from other people's trees falling in my yard. Teenagers coming to my house on Halloween dressed in a hoodie and jeans expecting me to give them some candy. Putting away my trusty cargo shorts until March. Well, late February, anyway.

But the best thing about fall is falling back. You know, when Daylight Saving Time ends and we set the clocks back one hour, thereby giving us an extra sixty minutes of sleep on that one wonderful weekend in October.

The only problem is that the time officially changes at 2:00am. This cuts into my extra hour of sleep, since I have to wake up at two in the morning and change all of the clocks in my house to reflect the new time. And everyone knows that going backwards on a clock is much more difficult and time consuming than springing ahead, since most have no "back" button and need to instead jump 23 hours to get there.

Why can't they make the official end of DST at like 8:30pm? It would be much more convenient. And since it happens on a Saturday, nothing important (like the prime time tv schedule) would be affected. Just a thought...

Since a change is unlikely, I have found a way to solve the early morning fall back dilemma and get more of the extra hour of sleep that you are entitled to. And since the changeover time is quickly approaching, I will share it with you.

Have fewer clocks.

Or you could move to Arizona, where they don't believe in saving any daylight at all.

Sleep tight.


Anonymous said...

It's not quite so bad as that. Our cell phones, cable box and computer adjust the time automatically. Most of the other clocks do not differentiate between AM and PM, so you only have to advance 11 hours instead of 23. Sometimes, you even find a clock that is more for decoration than telling time and never got set forward in the spring.

What is difficult, though, is trying to set a sundial back an hour at 2am.

Anonymous said...

You are such a geek.

Anonymous said...

My birthday was officially 25 hours long this year! YEah!!!!

Take that all you people who have 'birthday extravaganzas'... :)

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